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About Us

"Your property is not just an asset it is a big responsibility."

Bela Real estate offers real-time correct and professional service in the treatment of your property. Bela Real Estate real estate agency is headquartered in Tirana and soon with its branches in all cities of Albania. If you have a property that you want to sell or rent, if you want to buy or rent, our team of professionals will come to your aid immediately.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.

Our objective is to bring standard and new spirit in the treatment of your property with several years of experience in the real estate buying and selling sector by building bridges of cooperation, innovation and reliability with each of you.

Our agency offers partnership opportunities with anyone who feels confident with self-confidence and who sees himself as a potential team leader and who wants to have a clear vision to be more than a real estate broker.

We strongly believe in partnership and team spirit, never forgetting that everything we are or do we owe to the tireless and daily work of each of our Bela Real estate colleagues and thanks to the trust that our clients have given us.

We are always close to every client throughout Albania, pledging that our agency will never lack the predisposition to provide support and responsibility in overcoming any difficulties that may occur during the process of buying or renting your property in real time .

Free services to the parties

Listing and advertising of your property on our website and in all marketing platforms where Bela Real Estate operates. Legal, financial assistance related to your property. Accompanied by our real estate agents of serious clients buying or renting property Consultancy in the field of real estate investments. Consulting and intermediation step by step in every transaction for the sale, purchase, lease or rental of real estate, etc.

Paid services

Consultancy and assistance from the architect for the remodeling, furnishing and implementation of the project suggested by the architect until the moment of delivery of the keys to the purchased property, or rented (apartment, office, bar, show room, aesthetic center, representative office, barber etc.).


The owner commission at the time of the sale of the property by the Bela Real Estate agency is 3% of the total sale value. The commission of the purchasing party is 1% of the total value of the purchase. Clarifications: the parties are notified in advance by the relevant property agent. The commission is independent of the methods and conditions of payment. The commission is paid at the moment of signing the sale-purchase contract.


The property owner's commission in renting his property is the value of 1 month rent. The commission on the part of the tenant is the value of half of the rental month. The commission is paid by both parties at the time of signing the lease contract for 1 year and / or longer. The parties have been informed about the value of the commission from the beginning of their relationship with the Agency. The commission is paid for the service received by the agency and does not constitute a guarantee for the observance of the lease contract. The relationship between the parties is regulated by the lease contract.

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